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Guardians demonstrate outside HSEB for early result

Guardians of the students who attended their Grade XII examination lately demonstrated today outside of HSEB office demanding them to make no further excuses nor delays and publish the result to the earliest possible date from today. Suprabhat Bhandari, current president of Guardians’ Association of Nepal, spoke in favor of students by pondering his discontent at the delay shown by HSEB to publish the result. He pointed out to the fact that many universities have already started the classes for Bachelor level and admissions are near to closure in many universities. So, he warned HSEB to publish the result timely and not to play with students future as they will loose a year if the result aren’t published on time.

Furthermore, HSEB has now seem to forget the rules and regulations they themselves had formulated few year ago. As if that is to be followed then the result should have been published within 90 days from the day of examination i.e. within the second week of August (in this case). But it hasn’t came out as of now as well.

HSEB as always came out with an excuse as Uttam Dev Bista, the deputy controller of HSEB mentioned that the delay in publication of the result is due to some technical glitches in their system. He also, illustrated further and said that they are trying to publish the result within a week and as always, they will publish the result of Science stream first, which will be followed by the result of other streams and then by Grade 11 (all).

Guardians’ Association in another statement said that they will continue to protest outside HSEB office to pressure HSEB to publish the result quick.

Inspite, of all the shortcomings, we wish HSEB all the best for publication of an error free result unlike last few years where the results were complete disasters with several issues reported. (HSEB had given the same technical glitches as the cause of the errors; then as well)

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