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Health Ministry raises an alarm over resuming physical classes

Health Ministry raises an alarm over resuming physical classes in educational institution.

Concerned authorities have been advised by the Ministry of Health and Population not to make a hasty decision to allow educational institutions to reopen.

The MoHP concluded at a meeting with the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and various other stakeholders on Wednesday that local governments entrusted with the responsibility of resuming physical classes in schools should coordinate with health institutions before allowing educational institutions to resume.

According to the health ministry’s spokesperson, Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel, educational institutions may reopen on the recommendations of the district CCMC after monitoring the rate of infection at local levels and following the Ministry of Education’s School Operation Framework-2077.

Teachers, staff, and students in schools should be educated about the virus. Health exams and medical treatment for pupils should be planned ahead of time, he advised.

Following a government decision, educational institutions around the country that have been shuttered for a long period due to chronic infection will begin physical classes on September 17.

Despite the fact that the rate of infection has dropped, the COVID-19 risks have not diminished. “The situation is not the same at all levels of government, and there is no plan to restore physical education lessons in schools. As a result, schools should only reopen after determining whether or not they can adhere to the health protocols “he stated

Minister of State for Health Umesh Shrestha, CCMC Chief Balananda Sharma, Secretary of the Ministry of Education Ram Prasad Thapaliya, and representatives from the Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation, Nepal (PABSON), the National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association, Nepal (NPABSON), and the Guardian’s Association Nepal were also present at the meeting.

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