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HSEB Board Exam - 2070 BS Notice

Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB) exams are scheduled to begin from Baishak 17th 2070B.S. to Baishak 29th2070B.S. for Grade 12 and Baishak 31st to Jestha 10th for Grade 11 students. The examination time will be 7AM to 10AM as of previous years.

Important Code of Conduct Highlighted by HSEB:

  1. Examination will not be rescheduled for absent students.
  2. Examination will not be postponed or cancelled without the prior information issued by HSEB even if there is an emergency holiday or bandas.
  3. Students are responsible for any stationery items (pen, pencils, erasers, graph/chart papers etc.) that are required for examination.
  4. Science student who are taking Biology subject, must use a separate answer sheet for Zoology and Botany.
  5. Students must take the exam from the specified examination centre only. It cannot be changed.
  6. Mobiles phones are strictly prohibited at the examination centre.

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