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HSEB Prohibits To Register students from Resistant Higher Secondary

Registration of students from Higher Secondary Schools(HSS) who does not provide scholarships to the students are to be prohibited by the Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB). The HSEB has decided to not to register the students from the higher secondary schools who does not provide full scholarships to the students chosen by it.

The board had addressed it’s subordinate offices to not register students from such defiant higher secondary schools, issuing a notice on Saturday. If their registration is obstructed, then the students will not be able to give the final examination.

After many number of +2 students institutes, mainly from the capital city of Nepal, were found charging thousands of rupees from the students, despite getting scholarships, just for their profit, this decision was taken. Many institutes were found robbing the students by charging extra money than their decided amount fee from the scholarship just for their profit. And thus, HSEB have come to the conclusion to not to register students from such defiant higher secondary schools. Some of the HSS have been found denying admission of such students. Under the Education Regulation 2002, all the schools are required to provide 10 percent full scholarship out of their total enrollment. . The HSEB, however, has been asking the HSS to provide just five percent–three percent selected through the open competition and two percent picked by the HSS themselves.

“We had to take a stern measure after numbers of complaints were filed against the higher secondary schools,” said Bhim Lal Gurung, member-secretary HSEB, at an interaction in the Capital on Saturday. The board has received complaints against numbers of HSS, including NIST, Pentagon, Mega, Kathmandu Modal and St Xavier’s for charging such students between Rs 12,000 and Rs 30,000. Similarly, the Nepal Army and Nepal Police schools have even denied admission to such students. The HSEB has selected around 2,200 students for scholarship on merit basis, prioritising those who belong to the marginalised, indigenous and dalit communities.

Asking for an immediate refund, the student unions have started a protest against such +2 institutes. UCPN (Maoist) affiliated All Nepal National Independent Student Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) has decided to padlock the account of such +2 institutes on Sunday unless they refund their money. To correct their mistakes, ANNISU-R on July 27 had issued a three-day ultimatum.

ANNISU-R Chairman Himal Sharma told that they won’t end the protest unless they come to a conclusion. The private HSS had agreed not to charge such students in a tripartite agreement reached between the representatives of the Higher Secondary Schools Association Nepal, the HSEB and the various students unions in July last year.

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