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HSEB Result : Fake Rumors

We started getting some odd messages and mails citing that the HSEB examination paper of the Board exams conducted at the start and mid-Baishak for Grade 12 and Grade 11 respectively were destroyed due to heavy rain. This seems to be a kind of weird for us since the paper are much protected and guarded at least until the publication of the result. However, we had no rights to neglect the view of at least those few persons. So, we rang to the same person at Department of Education, who at once denied that to happen. Thus we came to the conclusion that these and these all kind of rumors are baseless.

And we are certain more of these kind of fake rumors to be circulated around as the result publication date approaches nearer and nearer.

The fixed date is not confined as in previous year but it is believed to be within few more weeks for Grade 12 Science. Grade 11, the result is still quite far away to worry about it. Have patience.

Cheers. And enjoy your every single minute, remain worry free. Once published you will certainly know about it. What’s the use of worrying much about it ? So, relax, cool down and remain safe from result-phobia.

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