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HSEB Result Today : Toy to keep a child busy

This post is just to clear the doubts from the minds of many regarding the result of HSEB +2 Management, Humanities, Education and all other faculties except for Science being published today. We have to say that the result being today is just a rumor. And, the rumor of the result being today has been wide-spread by some of the renowned news portals and TV channels as well to stun us, but that is without any base and the result won’t be today. HSEB will have a board meet today, but they do have it for other reasons as well, don’t they ? And here is a story (just a story though, none knows what things are discussed there except the ones’ present) to point out another serious reason for the board meet after the end of the regular office hour at 5PM.

HSEB had received grass to eat as gift (satirically) by the Guardians’ Association five days back and at the same time they had granted HSEB an ultimatum of 5 days to publish the result in; which HSEB has clearly failed out to do so far. And as you can see the deadline expires today. So, it’s just that they will meet to make further plans for publishing the result but not to publish the result itself. Results aren’t published as one says; all the arrangements need to be made for it as well, which hasn’t been done yet.

Thus, the result being today is nothing more then a child’ play. And, as you know, a baby is kept busy with a toy as their parents do their stuff and the same has been done here smartly for/by HSEB.

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