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HSEBGuides.com – Our journey so far…

The endless road

We as a team believe that what makes one an achiever is passion. If you love what you are doing, you will succeed. During our time so far, we saw each minute as an opportunity to establish a new system. Hence, every single minute wasted meant frustration to us. We love that itch…you know…that constant thing going inside us, which says, “Hey! You gotta go back…you’re not working….you’re not performing”. So whenever we got frustrated or bogged down, we just told to ourselves that things will be just fine if we could go back and perform.

A bit of Background…
Life was good when we had just started this project. The future looked bright and getting into a project for the better future of the entire nation was always a pleasure for us. Complacency surrounded us and brought a series of failures than. We weren’t believed by our closest relatives neither our family members nor our friends. This was a complete disaster, we failed to convince them. Then, we got into this project with lot more devotion and then the day came when our relatives, family members, and friends were all convinced and proud of us. Convincing our friends, relatives and family members with such confidence made us feel that it wasn’t our final destination. We wanted to achieve something big, we wanted to transfigure the system and so, we wanted to convince every high-profile educationist as well as all other concerned, for which we started a new motion.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.” A quote which we have always believed in, and following it. And to believe in ourselves has always been our first priority.

Throughout these 18 months of operation, we have come across many disappointments, and we have also had failure knocking on our door several times, but we were certain of accepting it, only to consider our failure an experience and learn from it. We learned from our mistakes, as many people say, but there are few who have the power to act upon it. Fortunately, we consider ourselves among those who accept their mistakes and are ready to rectify them.

Our love affair with challenges has never come to a stop, and we believe it never will. We believe that welcoming challenges has played an important role in shaping our self-esteem. Being an obligated student, an active community helper, and above all a responsible citizen has been no less than a challenge, but today we stand proud of ourselves for achieving this challenge to some extent.

How did this project started?
Being a dreamer, I have always planned on becoming a lot of things since childhood. When I was little, unlike other who wants to be a doctor, engineers, lawyer, pilot, social worker, journalist, and a film-maker altogether, I wanted to do something extra alongside. But as I grew old I realized that life is too short to accomplish everything and that I should focus on one thing I was passionate about and would want to spend my life doing. So, I began a journey of research about the things I have ever wanted to be, right after the completion of my SLC examination. I asked for the suggestion with my friends on what topic will be unique and stand out to be helpful to the students like us. Then, a friend of mine Sudip suggested the project and we started it in the form of a blog. It was named as hsebguides.blogspot.com. Eighteen months after we set a blog with summaries of few chapters of English book of Grade 11, we launched our own website. As the days pass by, I wanted to build a team because until then there was neither team nor the distinct vision for the proper functioning of the site. In my college stay, I found another dynamic personality ‘Sujan Shrestha’ who was more than happy to join the team. With just 2 members, we started a complete site named as HSEBGuides.com, completely funded by ourselves. And we together worked for the content of the site. Until then we had a couple of subjects included in the site which was registered on 2012-05-29. Then, we got 3 more personalities in the team Aayush, Divya, and Roshan. But the team still lacked the member from Management stream. And we wanted someone from management faculty to join us and also wanted that person to have a lot more vision and determination for change. So, in the quest of finding the perfect match, we contacted Mr. Krishna Panti, Head of Academics of Liverpool International College. He helped us by giving us the contact number of few of his top students. Among which we got Eliesa as one of the member and soon she strived to be one of the key member of the site.

The project which started without any vision, any motivation and support has now gained a lot of momentum. We now have several supporting hands, a distinct vision for change and lot more confidence that we can achieve. With this aim, we have been regularly working on our new site named tyrocity.com. We want to create an ideal learning environment for the students here with online entrance preparation system, EduIndex; to simplify the college, school or university search, Practical Videos, so that students can gain the maximum from it, Collage; a space for teachers and students to share their feeling and articles, Reference Notes; notes for grade 11 and 12 students initially, Ask Us Anything; a space for anyone to ask questions and get the solution in the easiest way possible, News; to let everyone be aware of the latest happening in the education world, Academic Career advice; to help you select the best possible career that suits your needs. For this, we will be always working on it regularly and a demo version or Phase I of the site will be started on 2070-03-01. For this we will be in need of lot of supporting hands which we expect to flow our way and help us achieve the dream we had at the start of this project.

Our Final Destination
After whatever obstacles we’ve come through we are surely obliged to perform what we are meant for. Our team after much dissatisfaction has set a final objective of creating the best education portal of the nation with a common objective of enlightening the youth and motivating them towards their destination. We vow to maintain a graceful environment of positivity, knowledge and creativity for nationwide students of all levels.

Thankful Figures
We would like to thank everyone who are related to us directly or indirectly and contributed to the site in some way or the other. Teachers, friends and family members are always the figures who deserve the thanks. If we start mentioning the name here, we would have a never lasting list. Thank you everyone and hoping for the continued support of yours in the days to follow.

Transformation in Picture

Transformation in Picture

Any Comments or Suggestions?
If you have anything more that you want to know, please comment in the space below or mail us at [email protected]. Thank you for your help for creating this standard in very short span of time.

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