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International Workshop On Scientific Research Continues

Bhaktapur is hosting an 11-day international school (workshop) on scientific research. Khwapa Engineering College in Liwali, Bhaktapur, is hosting the third Nepal Winter School.

The school opened under the auspices of NAMI, a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and study, with managerial assistance from Khwapa Engineering College.

The course is attended by up to 120 national and foreign trainees. By education, the participants range from those with a bachelor’s degree to those with a doctorate. A total of 30 scientists from various nations are instructing the participants.

The school, which started on December 21, will end on December 31. NAMI’s Shreyasha Poudel, the host organization, mentioned that the organization holds such a school once a year. She went on to say that this is the third time they’ve held the school.

The school was set up to assist persons who are involved in scientific research and study.

Rabindra Foju, an engineer and associate professor at Kwapa Engineering College, explained that the program was set up to help underdeveloped countries catch up to developed countries in terms of scientific research and study.

As far as we know, research papers on various topics will be published in the ‘artificial intelligence’ school. Dandapani Poudel, a NAMI researcher, said that a conversation about how to appropriately use artificial intelligence will be held in the classroom.

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