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Kathfest 2019 being organized on Jan 13-14

Kathfest 2019 is the two-day annual festival (program) organized by students of Kathford College of Engineering and Management to provide a platform for aspiring youths to showcase theirs talent. This year, it’s happening on January 13 and 14 at Kathord College, Balkumari, Lalitpur. The festival is mostly focused on the technical side and includes of more than 18 events.

Kathfest 2019 banner

Kathfest theme for this year is “Solving Problems of Nepal”. In the event, anyone who is from Engineering, Management or IT colleges can enter to showcase their talent and projects.

Here’s some of the highlights for the event:

Kathfest 2019 Highlights

Kathfest aims to give a platform for enhancing the skills via different competitions from Hackathon, Exhibition to Robotics, Drone racing competition.

Software Events

Software Exhibition (Theme Based)
Software Exhibition (Open)
Software Hackathon
Hardware and Electronics Events

Manual Angry Bots
Automatic Angry Bots
Drone Racing
Hardware Exhibition (Theme Based)
Hardware Exhibition (Open Category)
+2 Project Demonstration
Civil Events

Popsicle Bridge
Civil Modelling
Civil Quiz
Civil Wonders

FIFA 2019
Management Events

Quiz competition
Idea Pitching
Visit Nepal 2020 Advertisement
Photography Competition

For more information, contact
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 9862169606 / 9862169606

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