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Kathmandu Schools Not To Resume In-Person Classes Soon Due To Risk Of Covid-19

Schools in Kathmandu will not be resuming in-person classes anytime soon.

Many local governments around the country have been considering resuming physical education classes in schools under their jurisdictions for more than a week now, after the federal government granted them the power to do so based on the severity of the coronavirus situation there.

However, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Nepal’s most populous city, has announced that school will be suspended for at least a week.

The KMC’s education officer, Ram Prasad Subedi, stated that the KMC was not in a position to begin courses immediately because of the high population density, which could result in an increase in coronavirus infections.

The metropolis will decide on the resumption next week, according to Subedi, after studying local administrations in neighboring districts.

“The KMC has received advice from health experts and educators that the time is not yet right for the schools to open their doors. Private school operators and community school teachers, on the other hand, have been requesting authorization to reopen the schools, claiming that virtual classes have not produced the desired outcomes “Subedi explained.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) has yet to make a decision, while the KMC has chosen to wait and watch for at least a week.

The LMC’s education officer, Mahendra Bahadur Chettri, said that while the city had not taken a decision on resuming classes, it was in talks with stakeholders such as guardians, teachers, and school operators to make one soon.

Chettri went on to say that the city gave the School Management Committee the authority to vote on the virtual class modality last year, and that it may happen again this year.

Though the two metropolises have no plans to begin physical education lessons anytime soon, other towns on the Valley’s fringes have done so. One of them is the Gokarneshwor Municipality. Budanilkanta Municipality is another.

Last Tuesday, the Godawari Municipality, on the fringes of Lalitpur Metropolis, issued a notice instructing its schools to prepare for the operation beginning on Sunday.

The Budhanilkanta Municipality’s Uddhav Prasad Kharel said they chose to continue school in a safe setting where only 33% of the total pupils would be in the classroom at any given moment.

In light of the neighboring municipality beginning in-person education, the Municipality made that choice at the request of guardians and school operators. According to Kharel, the municipality opted to start the classes with a smaller class size as a test.

Furthermore, after the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (CCMC) asked local governments to operate schools in conjunction with the appropriate District Crisis Management Centre, numerous local governments around the country have agreed to resume physical lessons (DCCMC).

Because a growing number of people are getting vaccinated, local governments have gained enough trust to allow their schools to reopen.

However, the Chitwan District Administration Office has directed all local governments in the district not to resume physical education sessions until mid-September.

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