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Kathmandu to allow in-person classes from September 17

From September 17, the Kathmandu District Administration Office has agreed to allow schools to begin classes with pupils present. The coronavirus outbreak forced the schools to close for nearly six months.

Kali Prasad Parajuli, the Chief District Officer of Kathmandu, told THT that the decision was made after multiple talks with various stakeholders in the education sector. “We cannot keep closing schools indefinitely because it is an issue of children’s futures.”

Having said that, we must require all schools and guardians to follow all COVID-19 health requirements prior to allowing children to enroll in school.”

With the agreement of the District COV- ID-19 Crisis Management Committee, the three CDOs of Kathmandu valley had previously authorized local governments to enable schools to reopen. In order to avoid confusion, all local governments within the districts planned to reopen schools at the same time.

Representatives from several local governments from across the Kathmandu valley’s districts, as well as officials from the federal government and members of the Guardians’ Association, attended yesterday’s meeting.

source: the himalayan times

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