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Lalitpur DEO Dispatch Teachers To Schools

Today the first batch of fresh teachers have been sent to community schools by Lalitpur District Education Office. The community schools will finally get some fresh new teachers after a long gap of 17 years. In these 17 years, no new teachers were employed in the community schools, but now finally the Lalitpur DEO have decided to send fresh new teachers to the community schools. Last year, Teachers Service Commission had announced open competition of fresh teachers for the vacant permanent posts of 13,059 teachers from primary level to secondary level.

Shiva Kumar Sapkota, Lalitpur District Education Officer, said,”Lalitpur district was the first district to send fresh teachers to community schools. A total of 126 secondary level and lower secondary level teachers were sent to around 80 community schools. After an orientation programme, the fresh teachers were sent to respective schools ,”

After a very long time, the vacant posts were soon going to be filled. Many new teachers and schools are excited to create a better teaching environment for the school and hope to work together real soon. They are hoping to improve the education quality and improve the teaching environment of the school.

He said ,”Majority of fresh teachers are young and committed to improving quality of education and bringing changes in education system. The fresh teachers are highly qualified,”

By the end of this academic session, observing the work experience, DEO has confirmed all concerned that major changes would be brought to improve the student’s academic performance. He said “First terminal examinations have been completed in most of the schools and the performance of new teachers will be reflected in the result when second terminal exams are held,”

Furthermore, he told that new teachers dispatched for secondary level and lower secondary level make around 24 per cent of total teachers in Lalitpur district. Asha Devi Maharjan, Principal of Lalitpur based-Shree Harisiddhi Higher Secondary School, said ,”Arrival of new teachers was good news for school. With the arrival of new teachers, temporary teachers were going to be displaced,” According to Narayan Bhattarai, spokesperson, TSC, various districts such as Lalitpur, Dolakha, Manang and Rolpa, among others, have started dispatching fresh teachers to different schools.

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