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LBEF Campus Partners with Genese for Cloud Computing

B.Sc. IT with a Cloud Computing specialization is now available at LBEF. Genese Cloud Academy is a partner in this project.

Students pursuing a B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology and Cloud Computing are expected to benefit from the relationship by gaining theoretical and practical expertise. Because of the necessity of new employment-oriented programs, the Foundation has partnered with the Academy.

In collaboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia, LBEF CAMPUS offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

Genese Cloud Academy (GCA), a Genese Solution initiative, is an educational program with the goal of introducing, training, and upskilling students in the Cloud Computing ecosystem.

GCA strives to equip IT and Management students with a wide range of tools and resources that they may use to not only improve their theoretical knowledge of cloud computing, but also to apply what they’ve learned into practice.

The goal is to improve graduating students’ work preparedness so that they can enter the workforce and satisfy industry demands.

The cloud is becoming more popular among businesses, and cloud computing is predicted to be worth $300 billion globally by 2021.

To meet the demands of digitally transformed industries, career prospects for Cloud experts have risen dramatically, and newer employment categories continue to emerge in the industry.

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