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Link Schools To Industrial Skills

Schools should be linked to industrial skills, according to Finance Minister Janardan Sharma.

Minister Sharma, speaking to the national council of the All Nepal Unified Teachers Association on Wednesday, suggested that pupils be taught about agriculture, farms, and gardens. He went on to say that well-educated workers aid in increasing output.

The Minister went on to say that concentrating industrial activity in schools would develop community capital, which he claimed would be the foundation of socialism.

“Right now, we need to build mega schools that focus on technology education.” He remarked that “physical infrastructures should be built so thousands of pupils can be taught at the same time.”

Minister Sharma, who is also a member of the CPN (Maoist Centrestanding )’s committee, believes the party made a mistake by abandoning the ‘prachandapath.’ “While participating in the peace process, we resolved to give up ‘prachandapath.’

It was a miscalculation on our part “Minister Sharma expressed regret.

source: risingnepal

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