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Lockdown, Waste Down Contest!! A step for creative quarantine

The COVID-19 crisis has turned out to be a global health disaster. Nepal, one of the affected countries in the world is currently at 21st day of nation-wide lockdown. This lockdown has strained a lot of energy amongst the youth. However, Rotaract Club of Patan West, Leo Club of Kathmandu Margadarsan, and Upcycle Nepal Pvt. Ltd have organized Online Waste Management Competition during Covid-19 Lockdown under the event name “Lock Down, Waste Down!! Let your creativity shine this quarantine” to make the creative juices of the drained youth rise up again.

So, What is ““Lock Down, Waste Down”” contest all about?
President of Leo Club of Kathmandu Margadarsan, Ms. Elisha Kharel, who also is the Chief Marketing Officer at Tyro Soft Pvt Ltd, shared that the objective of the competition is to encourage people to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in creative ways, to share practices that people follow at home for waste management.

Ms Manashree Newa, the Rotaract Promotion Officer at Rotaract Club of Patan West shared us about the contest outline.

The contest is running in two categories on which the participants can apply into:

*Waste to DIY Craft *: This includes making DIY craft from waste materials, maybe like Vase, photo frame, planter, jewellery, or any other craft.

Waste Management- Home Options: This includes sending unique waste management practices people follow in daily life and sharing how others can use the idea. The ideas could be Composting, vermicomposting, waste segregation technique at home, biogas, use of menstrual cups, use of straw, use of shopping bags, shampoo bar, etc.

Mr Pratham Chakradhar, the co-founder at Upcycle Nepal- Revive shared us the format for submission of the entries.

Participants can submit one or more submissions on both the categories in any of the given formats.

  1. For Photo submission: If they are submitting photo, only one photo per submission will be taken.
  2. For Video Submission: The video should not exceed 1 minute. The video can be a normal or a time lapse video.

The submission should be emailed to [email protected] along with the name and phone number of the participant. All the entries received by Upcycle Nepal will be posted by Upcycle Nepal in their social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) within 1-2 days of the entry receipt.

Alpas Technology, Founded in September of 2018 and based in Lalitpur, Nepal, an IT company with a vision to help entrepreneurs, businesses and small firms is the promotional partner of the event.

Click here to follow the event LOCK DOWN, WASTE DOWN contest link

How will the winners be selected?

Mr Nabin Bikash Maharjan, The CEO of Blue Waste to Value, a waste management company in Nepal, is the chief judge of the event. The marks provided to each entry by the chief judge and the number of likes in the facebook and Instagram post of each entry will be the deciding factor for the declaring winners.

Why become a participant in the contest?
The winners will be awarded with Gift Hampers from the sponsors who are entrepreneurs from Nepal working for a sustainable society.

The organizers shared the list of sponsors and the awards that winners will be getting in the contest.

  • Upcycle Nepal : The organizers and the sponsors of the event who recycle fabric waste by turning them into quality products. The winners of this competition will receive Revive Backpack, messenger bag, wallet, mheecha, cardholders and passport covers
  • Tyre Treasures : This Company recycles non-biodegradable inorganic waste, primarily TYRES to produce green products out of tyres. Two winners will receive twinkle lights and others will receive discount coupons of Tyre Treasures products
  • Custom R Us : This is the pioneer company specializing in designing products through its own custom Designs like business card holders, mouse pads, puzzles, badges, stickers, flash drives, iPhone cases, eco-friendly bags, pens, caps, flex/boards and visiting cards. Winners will be gifted with t-shirt and pop-sockets from Custom R Us.
  • Naagi ko Honey : They are the honey producers and sellers working with the Chepang Community at Silinge, Makwanpur. The winners will be getting flavoured honey as awards from the company.
  • Kala Kusha : the hub of artists, Kala Kusha provides a secure and easy way for fine arts – (paintings, sculpture, music, dance and many more). All the winners of this competition will receive keyrings from recycled wood from Kala Kusha.
  • Chaur Recreation Center : The redefinition of sports center, Chaur Recreational Center is a home of standard futsal court, badminton courts, well facilitated café, enough parking space, uninterruptible power supplies, nearest and easy access for public transport routes. Two of the winners will receive a futsal coupon from Chaur Recreation Center.
  • Sweet Fix: The childhood dream come true, Sweet Fix is popular for handcrafted popsicles made with real fruit and natural ingredients. One of the winners will receive Rs. 500/- worth coupon from Sweet Fix.
  • Nuga: Essence: Nuga: is the manufacturer of natural Personal Care Products. They aim to make their product eminent in the global market by employing cultural and natural heirlooms unique to Nepal. Three winners will receive personal care products from Nuga
  • Kalpabrikchhya : The taste buds coming alive, the company Kalpabrikchhya makes different types of titauras from locally sourced ingredients, with minimum preservatives and unintendedly vegan. All of the winners will get 2 packets of spicy-tangy titaura from Kalpabrikchhya

So why wait, Participate and Win!!
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