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MoEST Unveils ‘Reading While Earning’ Programme

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) has drawn out a procedure for its recently launched “Reading while Earning” program.

Under the President’s Educational Reform Program, the method will be implemented.

The technique was created with the goal of developing entrepreneurs, businessmen, skilled and self-reliant citizens in the future by combining education, skills, and production in accordance with market demand.

By providing income-generating opportunities through general, technical, and vocational schools, the approach also intends to administer the program in a straightforward, easy, and successful manner.

The initiative will take place in community schools throughout the country. Initially, the initiative was aimed towards community school kids.

However, as a pilot initiative, the government intends to apply it in a few schools.

Agriculture (plant science, animal science, and horticulture), engineering (civil-electrical-computer), tourism and hospitality, forest and environment, construction, vehicle, and commercial insect (beekeeping, mushroom, and silk) farming were all mentioned in the procedure.

A conditional grant will be awarded to the selected schools through the involved local governments based on their applications, according to Clause 7 of the protocol.

It is a new program announced by Finance Minister Janarjan Sharma in the fiscal year’s substitute budget.

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