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Monkey Tried To Rob A Bank

INARUA-Many criminals planning and finally stealing such large amount of money from bank and co-operate organizations does not sound amusing. But if wild animals were used for such purposes, now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This shocking incident actually happened in Sunsari’s headquarter, Inaruwa. One ‘Madari’ used his pet monkey which he trained for showing tricks near public roads, to rob the Rastriya Banijaya bank of Inaruwa. It was publicly informed that a pet monkey of ‘Madari’ was trained and used for the purpose of robbing the Exchange Counter of Rastriya Banija Bank of Inaruwa on Monday.

On Monday, during the working hours of that bank, a monkey was rumored to have entered and stolen a bundle of 50 thousand NRs and tried to run away with it. It was told that the monkey had entered the premise and played with pencils. After acting, it ran and stole a bundle of 50 thousand NRs and tried to run away with it. The employees had locked all the doors and entrances of the bank and tried to catch the thief.

At the end, the monkey entered the cabin of Bank Assistant Taraniprasad Khatiwada and he was successful to catch the monkey and took the money from it. Then after recovering the stolen money from the monkey, some employees of the bank took him to the near tea shop and fed him two Glucose biscuits. Later on, after taking him to the near tea shop, the owner of the monkey refused to agree that the monkey was his. He remained silent an disagreed that monkey was his.

Afterwards, the monkey went straight towards his owner and sat beside him. The owner of the monkey, feeling afraid that truth might be revealed, started beating the monkey. According to source, ‘Madari’ was staying at the tea shop, near to the bank with his monkey and then he let his monkey free to rob the bank.

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