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Namaste Academy Is Officially Acquired By The British College

Namaste Academy, Rupandehi, has recently been officially taken over by The British College , making it a part of the British Education Group. The Academy is undergoing considerable improvements under new British management in order to become one of the premier institutions in Western Nepal, providing world-class education and cutting-edge facilities.

Paul Cleeves MBE will serve as Vice Chairman of the British Education Group, according to a statement released by the college. Similarly, Arun Kandel will serve as Namaste Academy’s Head of School Division.

Namaste Academy will now be part of The British Education Group, which includes a number of colleges in Nepal, such as The British College and Motherland School, as well as educational institutions in Dubai and the United Kingdom.

Arun Kandel, who has 15 years of expertise in the education industry, will serve as Head of School Division and will help guide the team to success.

Namaste Academy will continue to flourish and provide great education in Nepal, according to Rajen Kandel, the Group’s CEO and founder.

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