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NEB To Publish Grade 12 Result Soon

Sanothimi Bhaktapur National Examination Board (NEB) will soon declare Grade 12 results by Mangsir 15. Grade 12 exams were held from September 15 to September 24, 2021.

After being postponed twice due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the yearly examination was finally held in the presence of students, formally launching university-level education.

*Grades and marks obtained *

Students scoring 90 to 100 are given A+ while A to students scoring 80 to 89. Similarly, B+ to those scoring between 70 to 79, B to scores between 60 and 69, C+ to scores between 50 and 59, and C to scores between 40 and 49. Grade D+ will be given to scores in between 30 to 39 while D to those 20 to 29. Students scoring 0 to 19 are given E grade.

Students can access their NEB Grade 12 results via several official websites, SMS service, and IVR after the results are released.

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