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Nepal About To Create Guiness World Record

Nepal is set to create a history in The Guiness World Record. Our country Nepal is known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the place where the highest peak in the world( Mt Everest) is found. Our country is also known for its cultural and natural beauties. Except that, our country also has a unique flag since many flags of the world is in rectangular shape but our country’s flag is made of two triangles with red background and the beautiful and magnificent display of shape of moon in the top and the shape of the star in the bottom. Our country does have a unique flag but our country is not known for its flag. Many people, from all over the world are unaware of our country’s flag. So to make our national flag known all over the world, Nepal have decided to create history by setting a new Guiness World Record.

HVVP Nepal, a social initiative organization have set their eyes on creating history by setting a Guiness World Record for the Largest Human Flag in the World. For this breathtaking event , it is expected that more than 35 thousand people will attend. This extravagant event is going to be held on Tudikhel Ground, Kathmandu on August 9, 2014.

The current world record belongs to the Punjab Youth Festival, which was organized by Sports Board Punjab at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. This event was held on 15th February, 2014 and it consisted of about 28,957 participants.

In this extra-ordinary event, the participants will hold a color card over their head. It will be similar like a jigsaw puzzle, and all the color cards coming together will form the image of Nepal and give a breathtaking aerial view.

For more information, you can view the details from the box below:

Guinness World Record: World’s Largest Human National Flag- Nepal

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