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Nepal-India Friendship Concert and Award Distribution Ceremony of Sanskriti Bharat

On November 21st, a Nepal-India Friendship Concert and Award Distribution Ceremony was held in DAV School with great success with all of Covid-19’s safety procedures in place.

Sanskriti Bharat, in collaboration with D.A.V Sushil Kedia Vishwo Bharati School and Swami Vivekananda Sanskriti Kendra, Embassy of India, Kathmandu Nepal, hosted the event.

According to Sanskriti Bharat, the program aimed to explore and strengthen social and cultural relations between the two countries. The award ceremony, which featured songs, dances, and ghajals by well-known singers, was the show’s main attraction.

P.K. Shankar Lingam, Principal of DPS Dharan, Nepal, and Mritunjaya Singh, Principal of Nepal-India Friendship School Pokhara, Nepal, were honored with the Best Principal Award during the occasion.

Mr. Ramchandra Khanal, DAV Vice-principal, was also honored with the Best Vice-principal Award. During the event, a few additional instructors and artists received special recognition.

Similarly, the coveted honor “Bharat Gaurav” was awarded on India’s celebrated artists. Dr. Ranjana Jha, a classical singer from Patna, India, Yamini, a Kathak dancer from Patna, India, and Rajani Dube, an Indian folk artist from Maharashtra, India, were the winners of the Bharat Gaurav Awards.

Most importantly, DAV Chairperson Anil Kedia received the ‘Nepal-India Friendship Award – 2021.’ During the presentation, he emphasized that the relationship between Nepal and India is natural in terms of many social, cultural, educational, and economic elements, and that interpretation is secondary.

Mahanta Thakur, the Chairperson of the Democratic Socialists Party, was the program’s special guest. Former minister Anil Kumar Jha accompanied him. Similarly, the session was attended by Nabin Kumar, First Secretary (Press, Information, and Culture) from the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.

A total of 30 Indian artists presented great songs, ghazals, and dances alongside a Nepali team.

Sanskriti Bharat and Swami Vivekananda Sanskriti Kendra officials also presented their research on the Nepal-India relationship.

During the function, the first Lady Sunita Kedia, DAV Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao, and all of the teachers and staff of DAV School were on hand to welcome all of the dignitaries and spectators.

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