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Nepal Oil Corp states increment in the petroleum products

According to Nepal Oil Corp, the price of petroleum goods has recently increased.

Diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, and cooking LP (liquefied petroleum) gas costs have all gone up.

The price of petrol, aviation fuel, and kerosene has been increased by Rs 2 per liter, according to Nepal Oil Corporation.

Similarly, the price of cooking Lp gas has gone up by Rs 25 per cylinder.

The retail price of petrol will be Rs 129 per liter after the price hike, while diesel and kerosone will be Rs 112 per liter. The cost of LP cooking gas will be Rs 1425 per cylinder.

The company claims that it lost Rs 7.45 per liter on fuel, Rs 4.35 per liter on diesel, and Rs 319.32 per cylinder on cooking LP gas.

The following is a breakdown of the pricing of petroleum products.

Breakdown of petroleum products

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