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Nepalese Students Aspiring To Travel For Further Studies Face Disappointment

The decision has come as a disappointment for many Nepalese hoping to travel to Japan and Australia, as the main destination nations for Nepalese students, Japan and Australia, have banned international students from entering their countries following the outbreak of the Omicron virus.

After acquiring a Visa and confirmation of the enrollment letter, over 8,000 students are in line to go to Japan and around 3,800 students are in queue to go to Australia, according to the Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN).

According to Prakash Pandey, President of ECAN, many Nepalese students prefer to study higher education in Japan or Australia, and as a result, a large number of Nepalese students migrate to these countries for higher education.

However, both countries have imposed travel bans as a result of COVID-19 infection. As a result, many Nepalese students are experiencing dissatisfaction.

“While the decision to release the travel restrictions came as a relief, the reoccurrence of the travel ban has come as a disappointment to many Nepalese students,” President Pandey stated.

He claimed that since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Australia had imposed a travel ban on people entering the country via student visas or for other reasons, and that the ban had been lifted just a week ago, with the ban taking effect on December 1, but that only a week later, Australia reinstated the travel ban for students and others.

“Even though the Japanese government opened the borders to foreigners other than those visiting on a tourist visa on November 8, it has reinstated travel restrictions to Japan for all, effective November 29,,” President Pandey remarked.

It is uncertain how long the Japanese government’s decision will last; however, the Australian government has placed a travel ban until December 15, but President Pandey told The TRN Online that he is not sure if Australia will open its border after two weeks.

“The travel ban can be revoked if the Omicron virus infection declines; else, it will remain in place permanently,” Pandey said.

He stated that the Australian government’s move to impose travel restrictions will have an impact on Nepalese students who wish to study in Australia.

Furthermore, because the Japanese government just rescinded the restriction on November 8, many students who were prepared for a trip to Japan were stranded. Approximately 8,000 kids have been impacted directly as a result of the decision.

The majority of them had even received the enrollment letter confirming. Some had even purchased the ticket.

“Many students have already paid their college tuition. Those who were unable to attend took online classes from this location.

Many students were pleased when they learned that Japan and Australia had withdrawn their bans, but they have once again fallen into the trap of uncertainty “He went on to say.

Shila Thapaliya’s trip was set for December 2, and she added, “After over two years of waiting, my goal of visiting Australia was about to come true.” The unexpected revelation that the border will remain closed is quite disappointing.

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