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NEPSE Rebounds By 56.73 Points

On Tuesday, the stock market, which had been falling for several days, recorded double-digit gains.

NEPSE, the stock market’s benchmark index, rose 56.73 points (2.41 percent) today to close at 2,415.55 points. On Monday, the NEPSE index dropped 17.93 points.

The sensitive index, which gauges the performance of group ‘A’ firms, rose 11.34 points (2.51%) to 462.52 points. In today’s transaction, the sub-indices of all groups grew significantly.

The life insurance group’s sub-index grew the most, by 206.58 points, followed by non-life insurance and manufacturing and processing, which grew by 204.34 points and 170.1 points, respectively.

On Monday, the non-life insurance group’s sub-index fell 170.19 points, while life insurance fell 106.02 points.

Similarly, the development bank group’s sub-index grew by 137.88 points today, while hydropower increased by 94.51 points, microfinance increased by 90.71 points, and others increased by 70.49 points.

Hotels and tourism gained 54.03 points, trading gained 69.82 points, banking gained 32.91 points, finance gained 37.92 points, investing gained 1.42 points, and mutual funds gained 0.12 points.

Despite the increase in the NEPSE index, the total quantity of transactions remained same. It was lower than on Monday.

Today, a total of 4,974,253 shares worth Rs. 2.38 billion were sold in 34,217 transactions among 226 businesses.

A total of 5,439,087 shares valued at Rs. 2.46 billion were sold on Monday.

Green Development Bank’s stock price increased by 10%, followed by Janaki Finance’s stock price increasing by 9.81 percent and Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company’s stock price increasing by 9.21 percent.

Green Life Hydropower’s stock rose 8.26 percent, Reliance Finance’s stock rose 7.93 percent, and Mountain Energy Nepal’s stock rose 7.38 percent.

Gurkhas Finance, Nabil Balance Fund-2, and Terhathum Power Company, on the other hand, had their stock prices fall by 8.89 percent, 3.52 percent, and 3.26 percent, respectively.

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