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NHRC Concerned about the Ongoing Protest at KIST Medical College

KIST medical college have drawn attention of The National Human Rights Commission. A team from NHRC had gone to KIST medical college today for examination of the college and had noticed the major chaos that’s been happening in the college.

Bikesh Yadav, a student studying MBBS from 6th batch in KIST Medical College had been asked to pay 45 lakh by the college. Bikesh had already paid NRS 32 lakh to TU. Later on, he was again demanded to pay NRS 20 lakh to the college. He questioned them regarding the demand and he was threatened to be suspended by the college. His brother had no choice but to pay extra NRS 20 lakh to the college. The Internal Auditor of the college, Keshab Aryal sent NRS 20 lakh to the capital’s World Trade Center instead. The college again demanded for another NRS 20 lakh but he replied that he had paid NRS 45 lakh. The college locked him inside and took away his mobile and threatened him to pay the money or else he’ll be suspended and he wouldn’t be able to give exams. Agitated by their decision, Bikesh told everything to Ratopati and then they started their protest.

Since July 3, around 600 students have been demanding the college to fulfill their nine point demands. The students have been accusing the TU affiliated college for charging reasonably than high fees from the students, much higher than the fee fixed by MOE( Ministry Of Education), and for not paying the monthly stipend at par with TU Teaching Hospital. They have also demanded for construction of playground and a bigger library. OPD services of the hospital , administrative and academic activities have been put to a stop because of the protest. Issuing a notice yesterday, the college had noticed that OPD activities would be resumed for today but other administrative and academic activities would be stopped for a month. NHRC secretariat Bed Prasad Shrestha had stated that the patients have been facing problem due to the ongoing protest.

The students had complained that the administration used police force to stop the ongoing protest yesterday. Bhattarai said,”Using police force to stop the ongoing protest puts a bad influence in front of the agitated students.” Further the statement read,”The fundamental rights of students for studies, right to medical treatment of patients, being kept in mind, we would like to request the Ministry of Health and Population, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Medical Council, KIST management and all concerned to settle the issues as soon as possible.”

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