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Operation : HSEB Result [Case Study]

This is just the general sampling of the case. There are several other students facing the same problem. Also, we haven’t included all the other errors in this report. To know more about the issue get in touch with us via our facebook page or mail us at [email protected]. The identity of all the persons included here are hidden. If you are the part of official bodies or want to know more on the issue, please do get in touch with us and we might just assist you to get the issue resolved by giving the details as per NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Case 1 :
Symbol number 22713182

Name of Student : Undisclosed

This person attended every single exam but was shocked to find that s/he was marked as fail in one of the subject because s/he failed to attend that exam. But the reality is far different then it is shown. S/he was present in the examination hall for the entire 3 hrs. span and submitted his/her paper. Although, was marked as fail for being absent due to some unknown reasons. Also, THE NEXT 3 SYMBOL NUMBER AFTER THIS FACED THE SAME PROBLEM in the same subject. Other victims being the symbol number 22713183, 22713184, 22713185

What’s going on ? Wake up from dreams HSEB. And correct those errors before destroying the future of the students. Accept students’ application form and at least look at these issues.

Wrongly marked as absent

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