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Over 35,000 Students To Be Inoculated At Schools

In schools in Tanahun, up to 35,000 pupils will be inoculated with Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

All ten local levels are delivering immunizations to school pupils in partnership with the District Health Office Tanahun. Shanker Babu Adhikari, Vaccine Officer at the Health Office Tanahun, said that school pupils between the ages of 12 and 17 would be given vaccinations at their schools.

He went on to say that health personnel at all levels of government have already received training in order to launch a successful vaccination program.

On December 23, pupils from 13 schools in the district’s Myagde rural municipality will be vaccinated. In five schools, vaccination centers have been set up, according to Narayan Prasad Adhikari, the rural municipality’s chief administrative officer.

Similarly, on December 21-23, the Bandipur rural municipality would provide vaccination services to students. Eight vaccination centers would give vaccination services to children from 15 schools.

On December 28, the municipality of Byas will hold a vaccination campaign.

It should be remembered that the government has scheduled a statewide vaccination program for children aged 12 to 17 years old in 57 districts from December 19 to January 1 for the first dosage and January 16 to 26 next year for the second dose.

The administration has asked all parties to encourage youngsters to receive immunizations because they are completely safe.

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