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Pfizer Vaccine Distribution From Today

Since Sunday, the government has been providing Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine. The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has identified 24 hospitals across all seven provinces that would administer immunizations to immune-compromised adults over the age of 12.

Patients must bring their disease diagnostic documentation provided by their physicians to receive the vaccine, according to Dr. Krishna Prasad Poudel, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health and Population.

The first dosage of the vaccination will be given between November 14 and November 20. From December 14 to 19, a second dosage of the vaccine will be administered.

The vaccine will be given to patients with heart disease, renal failure, and kidney disease throughout this phase. Patients on dialysis, cancer patients, organ transplant patients, blood pressure, diabetes, lungs, and mentally ill and neurological patients will all receive the vaccine.

The vaccine will be available at Bir Hospital, Birendra Sainik Hospital, Chhauni, Civil Hospital, TU Teaching Hospital, Sahid Gangalal National Heart Disease Centre, Patan Hospital, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, and Sahid Dharmabhakta Human Organ Transplant Centre in the Kathmandu Valley, according to the Ministry of Health and Population.

The vaccine will also be given out in Mechi Provincial Hospital, B.P. Koirala Health Science Academy, and Koshi Hospital in Province 1. The Mahendra Narayan Singh Health Science Academy, Narayani Provincial Hospital, and Janakpur Provincial Hospital all have vaccine centers in Province 2.

Bharatpur’s B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital and Bagmati Province’s Dhulikhel Hospital will also administer the vaccine.

Pokhaara Health Science Academy and Dhaulagiri Hospital in Gandaki Province will provide the vaccine. The vaccination center will be located at Lumbini Provincial Hospital, Rapti Health Science Academy, and Bheri Hospital in Lumbini Province. The vaccine will be administered at Karnali Provincial Hospital, Seti Provincial Hospital, and Dadeldhura Hospital in Sudhurpachhim Province.

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