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Pokhara University under CIAA Observation

Following complaints of financial irregularities, Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has claimed about corruption existence in the Pokhara University.

The regional office of CIAA informed of massive corruption in the university.

Corruption was found to have taken place in the processes involved in giving affiliation to different colleges, construction of buildings and while procuring materials.

According to the source, the investigation found that university assigned the tasks that was supposed to be assigned to consultants to university staff itself and that salary of 24 months was procured in a year.

The investigation team from Kathmandu has arrived to complete the investigation within one week. The source stated that the preliminary investigation shows the involvement of about 15 university staff in the corruption. Not only the current staff but the old ones were also found in the corruption.

CIAA had conducted investigation by staying in the university itself after receiving multiple complaints of alleged irregularities there. A team led by Police Inspector Subash Pandit from CIAA’s central office has been deployed for the investigation. The team also includes experts.

Student unions have also begun demonstrations demanding the end to irregularities. “There have been immense financial irregularities in the university and education environment have been disrupted, that is why we have begun the movement,” chairman of the district committee of All Nepal Free Students’ Union (Revolutionary) of PU said. He said that 9 colleges were given affiliation without advertisement and that those who didn’t complete the building construction on the scheduled time were provided more finance rather than taking action against them.

PU has 25 thousand students enrolled in PU central location and 58 other affiliated institutions. Students had even demonstrated against providing affiliation to medical institutions against the law.

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