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Reconstruction Of School Buildings Complete, Payment Still Due

The final step of the reconstruction of Kavre schools, which were devastated by the 2015 earthquake, has been reached. More than 90% of the district’s schools have recently finished reconstruction work.

However, 41 schools that got funding from school development committees to construct their buildings have claimed that they have yet to receive paid.

The government has not refunded the expenses made during the construction of the school building, according to Bikash Lama, Chairman of the Chakreshwar Secondary School management committee in Bethanchowk Rural Municipality-1.

“We were forced to pay the workers from other sources because we did not get the last installment from the government,” Lama claimed, despite the fact that the four-room building was built using funds from the District Project Execution Unit (education).

Construction of 41 school buildings, 50 drinking water projects, and 79 toilets has been finished in Kavre, according to the Education Coordination Unit, but final payment has not been given.

According to Shreya Jha, an engineer at the Unit, a total payment of Rs. 105 million is required. “Around Rs. 4.4 million, Rs. 40 million, and Rs. 1.1 million have still to be provided to ten schools,” she claimed.

According to Jha, Rs. 44 million is due for 79 toilets and Rs. 12 million is due for 50 drinking water projects.

In Kavre, the reconstruction of 392 school buildings is complete, and the construction of 13 more is nearing completion.

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