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Red Bull and flavored synthetic drinks import banned by Nepal Government

Nepal Government has moved ahead with the decision to ban the import of Red Bull along with other flavored synthetic drinks. The officials mentioned that the following decision is nothing new by pointing out to the order issued in November 2009 and this being a revision for the same.

“The government can impose such restrictions on any product if it is found to pose a health risk to the public.”

One of the most popular energy drinks in Nepal – Red Bull is likely to be hit the most. The company’s Indian agent wrote a letter to the Nepalese Embassy in India to clarify the decision made by the Nepal Government.

Deepak Mishra who is the advisor of India company of Red Bull warned of seeking legal recourse if the government moved ahead with the import ban. He also cited that it is against the norms of international trade. The company currently sells its product in 160 countries. Mishra added that they’ll consult with their head office in Austria on their next step.

Based on quotes as published in The Kathmandu Post by Suresh Raj Neupane

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