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Regarding Result of Entrance Exam by Purbanchal University for 2071

Purbanchal University, Faculty of Science & Technology and Faculty of Medical Science has published result of Bachelors and Masters level entrance exam for the new admission in the academic year 2071/072 given by students of affiliated colleges/campuses that was held on 2071/05/18, 2071/05/19 and 2071/05/21.

Students are kindly requested to see the Merit list and contact their respective college/campus to be admitted on the date as follows:

Students who are on the merit list (other than secured scholarship seat): 2071/06/02

Note: Affiliated College/campus should only admit students whose names are on Merit list on the very date (2071/06/02)

College/Campus can admit other students who have passed the entrance examination only after students in the Merit list do not come for admission, I.e. after 2071/06/03.

Purbanchal University will publish result of Scholarship seats soon.

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