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Result Tomorrow : Simply a hoax !

The reason this post is made is that we got tremendous number of questions via calls and messages asking us whether the result date is tomorrow or not. And, we really weren’t able to accompany those queries individually. But we guess that this post will answer everyone question as a whole.

As the delay in the publication of the result increases significantly, hypothetical predictions are very high at the moment. The reference however has been shown to the teachers at HSEB. But the fact is, the result won’t be tomorrow (i.e. Friday, 9th August, 2013). Do you want to know why ? Here’s the answer :

  1. The result would never be on the day when the office of HSEB, Education Board and HSEB OCE are closed. Thus, the result won’t be within the next 2 days.
  2. The reason for closure being the governmental holidays. Tomorrow is eid, one of the festival of our Muslim brothers & sisters. And the next day which follows is Saturday. So, how come the result be on these dates?

Stay cool. The results are certainly coming soon. But not that soon either. Take some deep round of breaths and relax.

And Best of luck for the results which are to be published soon from tyrocity.com team.

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