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Robin William’s Suicide Detail Remains Hidden

It has been reported that Robin Williams have committed a suicide. It was a sad day for every one who learnt the tragic death of the talented actor, but it was quite shocking to learn that the talented comedian would end his own illustrious life. Its been reported that the Sheriff’s officials in San Francisco Bay have found some more information regarding the death of the superstar. But the Sherrif have decided to not disclose the information since it needs legal requirements.

Robin William’s Suicide Detail Remains Hidden

On Wednesday, Marin County Sheriff’s Lt. Keith Boyd said in an e-mail,”We would love to reveal the information but we are unable to do so due to some restrictions under the California Public Records Act,”

These kinds of cases, whether they garner national attention or not, are very difficult for everyone involved,” Boyd said. “Frankly, it would have been our personal preference to withhold a lot of what we disclosed to the press yesterday, but the California Public Records Act does not give us that kind of latitude.”

During a live televised conference on Tuesday, Boyd told that Robin Williams had committed suicide by hanging himself. In his speech, he described how he had committed the suicide and the condition of the body at that time in a detail. Many people have criticized the detail information stating that the story is a bit “far-fetched” and they are still hiding some facts, which still cannot be known. They have hidden the information stating that if the information is revealed then it can encourage those who are planning to do the same thing.

Lyn Morris, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services said that having that much amount is not sufficient enough. He runs the main suicide prevention hotline in Southern California. Furthermore, he added,” “The contagion effect is real, and it’s worrisome.”

Robin William’s Suicide Detail Remains Hidden

Boyd said the sheriff’s office is discussing with the county’s attorney possible exemptions to the public record’s act that would allow it to withhold the 911 call it received from Williams’ home and fire dispatch tapes. But Boyd said the agency would likely have to release them within ten days, as required by law.

Terry Franke, head of open government group Californians Aware said,”Coroners are not required to provide details by press conference,” But he said the Marin County Sheriff’s Department chose to disseminate as much information as quickly possible at one time rather than leak piecemeal. Some three dozen television cameras and twice as many reporters from around the globe crowded the news conference outside the sheriff’s offices Tuesday morning. Furthermore, he added “While the impact of the details on some people’s mourning of Mr. Williams’ passing may have been jarring, keeping what was known under wraps would have added needless speculation if not suspicion to the general shock,”

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