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Robo Cup 2014 for Robots

World Cup 2014 is already over and it brought a lot of emotions and memorable moments that will last a lifetime. It was surely a roller coaster ride with enjoyable moments. Since the World Cup fever is over, another world cup is about to begin. And it’s not really a World Cup match between the famous players, it’s actually between robots. Robocup 2014, World Cup for Robots is an annual soccer competition for the robots. Many people come to this annual extravagant event to see the future modern technology and it brings a thousand of people. About thousands of people come to this event to witness the crowning of RoboCup Champion. Just like World Cup 2014 was held in Brazil, the RoboCup 2014 also has the same destination. Robo Cup 2014 will be held in João Pessoa, Brazil this year.

Robots from German Nao-Team HTWK of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences take part in a football game against “Dutch Nao Team” from the Van Amsterdam University, during the RoboCup Iran Open 2014, in Tehran, on April 10, 2014.

RoboCup was officially launched in 1997 hoping that the teams of this league will be able to beat the football players by The World Cup 2050. Its aim is to create robotic teams who will be able to defeat the World Cup winners by 2050. Even though the current robotic players are not yet ready or able to compete with the current popular players, many great achievement has been made since the creation of the competition. The matches were set to play from July 21 to 25.

Many teams from 45 countries have participated in this annual event. According to the robot’s size and construction, the teams will be categorized. The Humanoid fields are categorized into Kid, Teen and Adult sizes. Whereas, the other categorization of the robot teams have few restrictions regarding the appearance of the robots.

As the robots must be able to balance, the Humanoid league is quite hard. The matches of this league consists of two to five robots from each teams. The teams have to play two halves consisting of 10 minutes. 2014 will be the first year which will be hosting the RoboCup in South Africa.

French robotics company called Aldebran Robotics began the development of The Nao Humanoid Robots in 2004. At RoboCup, it has been a popular platform. Since the first RoboCup began, the increment in the processor and component speeds have allowed the matches to have faster pace, more similar to the World Cup Matches.

Earlier in 1997, they only had 38 teams but now they have more than 150 in this year. Over the past 17 years ,decreasing costs to buy into and operate the robot platforms over the past 17 years means more teams are able to join each year. Robocup is meant to be a forum in which teams share ideas, and help create breakthroughs in robotic research, as much as it is a competition. Teams operate in secret, tweaking their software and hardware to get any edge they can until the winner is announced. Every team is required to publish their work after all of the matches have been played. This encourages participants to build their robots.

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