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Scholarships for +2 Students

Sanima Bank has issued an announcement on scholarships for +2 students. According to the advertisement, the Bank is accepting applications for a scholarship program for recent SEE graduates. This scholarship has been offered by the Bank every year for the past nine years.

Sanima Bank’s scholarship program awards two scholarships to students from each sector where the bank has a branch outside of Kathmandu Valley. The scholarship program allows the recipient to enroll in the institute of their choice and select their instructors.

The scholarship is only available to students from low-income or needy families.

Scholarship Details:

  • No. of scholarships: 2
  • Scholarship amount: NRs. 50,000/- ( NRs. 2000/- for study materials)

Application Deadline for Scholarship: Bhadra 31, 2078 (September 16, 2021)

For further information, see the official announcement below:

Scholarships for +2 Students notice

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