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School Closed After Coronavirus Infection

Infection with the Coronavirus has been verified in children and teachers at three Tulsipur schools.

Some kids and instructors at Aswara Secondary School in Tulsipur-8, as well as Rapti Children’s Academy and Janata Sanskrit Secondary School in Tulsipur-6, were infected.

Bimal KC, a public health inspector from the Tulsipur Sub-metropolis’ Public Health Promotion Section, confirmed three coronavirus infection cases in Aswara.

At Sustashrawan, he added, six students and five teachers were infected. The virus has also been confirmed in two Rapti Children’s Academy pupils and one female instructor at Janata Sanskrit Secondary School.

The swab samples taken from them were sent to Kathmandu’s National Health Laboratory to be tested for Omicron variant infection, according to KC, who added that the results would be available on Sunday.

After the virus was discovered in students and instructors, the Aswara Secondary School was shuttered for a week.

In light of the new incidents, Public Health Inspector KC has asked the local authority to take precautions and implement health safety measures.

He also revealed that six Metro Hospital personnel and two sub-metropolis employees had been afflicted.

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