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School For Skills Set In Motion

The International School for Skills (ISS) was established in Nepal on Monday with the goal of providing critical professional skills to individuals and businesses.

“It will provide training and skill development services to needy people and corporations,” Pankaj Jalan, the school’s founder, said at a press conference to announce the school’s opening.

In collaboration with the British Computer Society, the ISS has also launched an IT Training Program in Nepal that will provide IT Level 4 Certificate, Level 5 Diploma, and Level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT training to individuals ranging from secondary school students to professionals working in the IT and non-IT sectors.

“In Level 4 courses, students can train themselves in modules like software development, information systems, and computer networking,” Jalan explained. On the occasion, E-Jaanch, a new online examination system, was also unveiled.

This is an AI-based assessment management system that was created using the most up-to-date technology for global examination platforms.

With over 500,000 questions already put in the system for clients/students to use, E-Jaanch can be used for corporate and educational institute assessments.

ISS also announced the signing of a deal with KPMG, one of the world’s leading auditing and training firms, in which the latter agreed to provide its business excellence training programs in Nepal through ISS.

“ISS is bringing design and innovation, service design, brand strategy, agile practitioner training, data science professionals, and lean six sigma green belt trainings through KPMG,” Jalan explained.

source: risingnepal

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