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School RPs protest against Government’s Decision

In Bhaktapur, resource persons from 50 districts staged a protest. Today, they staged a protest altogether against the government in Bhaktapur. The government decided to transfer the resource persons and they were quite furious with their decision. So, to raise their voice against their decision, they staged a protest today in Bhaktapur. In front of the Department of Education, about 100 Resource Persons from many parts of the country staged the protest for an hour long.

To improve the quality of education and to upgrade their education system, the ministerial level had decided to organize a meeting. So the meeting was held on July 4 by the ministerial level. On the meeting, they decided that the five educational directorates will direct to transfer the RPs(Resource Persons) for upgrading the quality of education.

Narendra Bhattarai, President Of School Resource Person Society said,”We were forced to stage a protest against their decision to transfer RPs all over the country since it was totally against the Education Act and Rules and Directives for Resource Person Management.”

As part of their protest, the RPs burnt the copy of the decision in front of DOE. Bhattrai further told,”After identifying the status to the concerned parties, the transfer should be made official. People should be aware about the transfer then only it could be official. Let it be educational officials or civil servants, without their concern or without letting them know about the situation, you are not able to transfer any students.”

He further stated,”Education regulations states that RPs are an integral part of education system and are treated equal to school teachers.” He followed that they must have the School Management Committee’s permission regarding their transfer and SMC’s they are about to join, if RPs are going to transfer. Furthermore he added that the decision that government is only applicable for civil servants. “And, if so, then we must get equal facilities and services that the civil servants get.” he said.

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