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Schools found taking commission of book sale

Schools around the nation have been accused time to time by students and/or parents for taking high price for the book and sharing the commission between the school affiliates. However, the issue isn’t looked to depth and is left unresolved as a support to the school board instead of investigating the issue and reaching to the logical conclusion.

As the investigation never happened, the chances are high that the same incident will repeat time and again. And, same happened in the other part of the nation, Birgunj located in Terai. The new academic session has just set to kicked off as the news flashes out. The schools in the raider are charged that they are the ones who forced the parents to purchase certain book from a certain specified book store only. However, the schools’ correspond were quick to defend themselves stating that they had only advised some of the uneducated parents that the purchase can be made from the following book store.

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