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Schools Resumed Classes In Nepalgunj After 4 Months.

Schools in Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City resumed physical presence classes on Sunday after being closed for four months.

Following the entrance of the second wave of COVID-19 in April of this year, the schools were closed.

After receiving clearance from the Education Department of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City, the schools have resumed normal classes.

According to Lokendra Bahadur Shahi, section officer of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City, schools must operate lessons in accordance with smart lockdown rules. According to Shahi, the schools were told to hold classes in different shifts according on the number of students.

Only one-third of the total students should be permitted to stay in a class, according to him. He went on to say that only two kids should be seated at a time. He stated that the department would keep an eye on schools on a regular basis.

In terms of COVID-19 risk, Kohalpur Municipality and Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City are in the yellow zone, while the other six municipalities are in the green zone. Banke has no municipalities in the red zone.
Since last week, the Khajura Rural Municipality of Banke has permitted schools to continue by creating a shift system.

Similarly, the Raptisonari Rural Municipality of Banke has announced that the schools in its jurisdiction will reopen on Monday.

Despite the fact that the Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan City has given permission for schools to open on Sunday, numerous private schools are yet to restart courses.

Private school operators stated that they would only open schools after meeting with parents and receiving their agreement.

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