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SEE exam 2079 Registration Form Notice

SEE exam 2079 registration form fill up notice.

The National Examination Board, Office of the Controller of Examination, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal, has issued a notice for students to fill out registration forms for the Secondary Education Exam (SEE) exam 2079.

The form fee per student is Rs. 300

This announcement is for students in class nine in the academic year 2078. Students must fill out the form between Ashwin 15, 2078 and Kartik, Last 2078 in order to take the SEE exam.

Key Details:

Schools are requested to submit the form of their students to the Education Development and Coordination Unit within the end month of Mangsir 10,2078.
Those students who failed to fill up this registration form won’t be allowed to sit for the SEE exam 2079.
For more details, view the official notice below:

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