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Share Market Continues To Boom

On Thursday, the last trading day of the week, the stock market, which has been rising since Sunday, scored a double-digit gain. NEPSE , the primary stock market index, rose 12.98 points (0.47 percent) today to settle at 2,782.12 points.

In the last five trading days of the week, the index has risen by 225.11 points. This week, the NEPSE index rose 27.61 points on Sunday, 87.63 points on Monday, 78.82 points on Tuesday, and 18.06 points on Wednesday.

The sensitive index, which tracks the performance of group ‘A’ firms, climbed 4.43 points to 521 points. Despite the fact that the NEPSE climbed, the daily transaction amount on Thursday was lower than on Wednesday.

On Thursday, shares worth Rs. 5.39 billion were purchased and sold, while shares worth Rs. 6.61 billion were transacted the day before.

In 59,140 transactions on Thursday, a total of 9,236,613 shares of 222 companies worth Rs. 5.39 billion were bought and sold.

The microfinance group’s sub-index increased the most, by 129.57 points, followed by non-hydropower and development bank, which grew by 65.3 and 50.57 points, respectively.

Trading has gained 5.84 points, finance has gained 13.88 points, non-life insurance has gained 3.23 points, others has gained 45.93 points, and investment has gained 0.31 points.

However, the life insurance sub-index has dropped by 87.68 points, manufacturing and processing has down by 51.11 points, hotels and tourism has dropped by 36.95 points, banking has dropped by 8.25 points, and mutual funds has dropped by 0.11 points.

Ridi Hydropower Company’s share price has climbed by 10%, Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha’s by 9.39%, Himalayan Power Partner’s by 9.24%, and Jeevan Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha’s by 8.57%.

However, the share prices of NMB Hybrid Fund, Gurans Life Insurance Company, and Citizen Mutual Fund 2 have all dropped by 3.18 percent, 2.69 percent, and 2.67 percent, respectively.

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