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SLC Talk: Who can give chance exam and when is it?

Students aren’t compelled to have to give chance exam if they don’t like to and meet the min. criteria to study further. But if they wish to increase their grade score in the subject they couldn’t do well, they are provided with the chance to do so. There is a catch, though, Any students who got D or E or between these grades can attend the chance exam to be held on the second week of Shrawan between 14th to 21st Shrawan.

Students who failed to get above the min. required GPA score of 1.6 can now increase their score and get a chance to get admitted in Grade 11 and continue their education further. There are 1,05,137 students (total of both categories) with the score between GPA 0 to GPA 1.59. That GPA score is however not enough to get admitted as individual subject score comes in play as well. But looking at it surface there are several of the students who are to miss out direct enrollment into Grade 11 if it wasn’t for the chance exam.

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