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Statue Of Lord Shiva To Promote Religious Tourism

The last stages of the construction of a 25-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva in the Pashupatinath Temple grounds in Shuklaphanta Municipality-7 have been completed.

The statue is being built in order to encourage religious tourism in the area.

The statue’s construction began on the initiative of Pashupati Sewa Samaj Samiti. The committee’s chair, Kalusingh Thagunna, stated that the statue is being built with the help of contributors. “For the statue’s construction, we spent Rs. 393,000,” Thagunna remarked. “More funds have been promised by the donors.”

The construction project, which began in mid-August, is nearly finished. He stated, “No assistance has been received from any government or non-government agency.” The statue’s construction has progressed since then.”

According to local devotees, the sites that have been blanketed with religious significance for years will be publicized at the same time that the monument is being built.

“It will help in the promotion of Sundevi Lake, historic Baijnath Temple, Mudka Dham, Kalapani Bhagwati, and other areas around this region,” stated local resident Lal Singh Mahara.

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