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Students at Tribhuvan University are forced to form long lines due to a lack of online resources

Every office day, a mass of students gathers outside the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) of Tribhuvan University TU in Balkhu, Kathmandu.

Although the government has tightened restrictions due to an increase in coronavirus positivity rates across the country, students of all levels and faculties flock to the central office to obtain academic certificates and other documents, as the central office is the only place where they can be obtained.

Despite the students’ ordeals of apparently interminable waiting, the university is hesitant to confront the long-standing issue.

Students must queue not only at the administration section of the office, but also at the Nepal Bank and Global IME bank counters located on the premises.

Students are currently queuing every day to fill out Master’s degree examination forms in Public Administration (MPA) and Political Science.

Rakshya Regmi, a master’s student in Public Administration, said she had no choice but to wait in line for more than four hours to fill out the first-year test form. Though she is terrified of the coronavirus, she is powerless to prevent it because there is no internet information available.

Regmi believes that if the TU implemented an online procedure for filling out exam forms, students would be relieved.

However, according to Pusparaj Joshi, OCE controller, the office receives little more than 50 service seekers every day. On Monday, though, this reporter discovered more than 200 pupils in line.

Joshi went on to say that the office was getting ready to accept online payments in order to speed up the process.
In response to the huge lines of students, controller Joshi stated that the TU only allows students to fill out their forms in person because many students are unable to access the online facility.

Despite the fact that the TU gets examination forms from all of its regional offices, he claims that only the center sees large groups of students.

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