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Students Gain VR Development Skills In Rupandehi

A total of 29 Nepalese school and university students, as well as 10 South Korean university students, have had the opportunity to learn about the virtual reality (VR) creation process online.

The organization had also developed an online mentorship program at Sundi Secondary School in Mayadevi Municipality, Rupandehi district, in addition to the VR development initiative.

Seoul National University (SNU) in Seoul and Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU) in Lumbini had partnered with UHGHF. The three-month programs, which began in November 2021, aimed to introduce modern technologies into community schools in order to improve educational quality.

In Nepal, the programs were part of SNU’s Online Volunteer Corps.

According to UHGHF, the program drew a total of 39 students (16 from LBU, 13 from Sundi Secondary School, and 10 from SNU).

From a Korean VR specialist online, the participants learned both theoretical and practical skills about VR development, including planning, shooting, and editing.

The students were divided into six groups, each of which created six videos on three distinct topics (nature, culture and school life).

The program’s major goal was to inspire students to adopt cutting-edge technology and to familiarize locals with virtual reality.

Students screened the six videos for the final time on January 14 in LBU’s Auditorium, adhering to all health safety regulations.

Only 24 participants and other stakeholders attended the event physically, including LBU’s Registrar Tilak Ram Acharya, UHGHF’s Country Director Lim Haehoon, and Sundi Secondary School Principal Satish Chandra Mani Tripathi, while around 100 others, including SNU’s Chairman (Social Responsibility) Yae Myungseok, participated online.

In the same way, 40 students participated in the mentoring program as mentors and mentees. They were grouped into five categories: profession, computer skills, English language acquisition, school life, and tourism.

The topics were chosen after a survey of the students was conducted prior to the program. Students from SNU and LBU served as mentors in the initiative, while students from Sundi Secondary School served as mentees.

Both programs had two two-and-a-half-hour mid-term review sessions during which all participants addressed their ideas, accomplishments, and future goals.

On January 13, the online mentorship program held its final session, during which students pledged to continue similar activities at LBU and Sundi Secondary School by forming student clubs in both institutions to ensure the program’s long-term viability.

Sundi Secondary School and LBU received computers, VR sets, and other resources as part of this program.

UHGHF, which was founded by South Korean mountaineer Captain Um Hong Gil, has so far erected 16 Community school buildings in 13 districts across Nepal, each with sufficient furniture and other basic equipment.

Um was granted honorary citizenship by the Nepalese government two years ago in recognition of his major contribution to the country’s education sector.

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