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Students' Uniton VS College Wings' - A battle which none have expected

Students’ Union VS College Wings’
A battle which none have expected

Everyone are well aware of the incident which took last Thursday where a bus belonging to Kathmandu-based Golden Gate College ‘was set on fire’.

The further incidents that are linked to this accident came to notice lately. The main reason being the action of the principle of Golden Gate International College (GGIC) who made their students bow down and touch his legs with their head and beg for their mistake of joining the student’s Union. Then it is believed that Student’s Union (main) has burnt down the college bus of GGIC as a revenge for his action.

And lately, all the private colleges’ wings have joined the cause to shut down all the education institutions all around Nepal to condemn that incident. So, banda have been in place for today for all private colleges of Nepal and all the examination scheduled to be today have been postponed until further notices. Also, Students’ Union are believed to place a bandha program on 23rd Falgun.

The war is on. But this is not what everyone have expected; neither from College Wings or the Students Union. Hope this will come to an logical end soon. And students and teachers will go to college or education intuition to teach and learn instead of to do bandas and protests.

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