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Tailoring Training Empowers Women

Chuma Baral Magar is presently a sewing machine operator. She has been continuously learning to make clothing with a machine for the past month.

Chamu Magar, a resident of Airawati Rural Municipality-1 in Dangwang, has traveled a long distance to Jumri Bazaar to learn how to sew.

Chuma, a 27-year-old woman, is enrolled in a free residential training program.

“Gradually, I’m learning. I used to believe that I couldn’t learn, but now I’m confident that I can “Chuma stated.

Chuma’s husband is looking for work in India. She lives with her two sons, ages 8 and 5, in a joint family. Following the training, she has decided to open a sewing shop in the community.

“In the village, there are one or two sewing shops.

If I do well, I will be able to get money from it “she stated Monica Baniya of Lungrimadi Rural Municipality-2, Jutungkhola of Rolpa, is also taking part in the Jumri basic sewing course, which lasts 390-hours.

Monica, 20, has been running a business using previously acquired abilities.

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