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Teachers to Protest in front of DOE

In front of the Department of Education(DoE), Nepal Educational Republic Forum (NERF) are ready to stage a sit-in protest from August 3 to pressurize the government to fulfill their demands. “The government has remained numb on fulfilling their demands so it is our time to tell the governments that we will not remain quite. We will raise our voice so that our voice will be heard and the government will have no choice but to fulfill our demands.” said Hom Kumar Thapa, president, Nepal Institutional Schools Teachers Union (Nepal-ISTU).

The teachers have been demanding the government for implementing on the agreement made in the past. Equal pay and perks for teachers and school employees on par with government school teachers and employees have been demanded by the teachers. Thapa said that they don’t want the government to remove the temporary teachers who are experienced and appoint fresh teachers, but they’d rather be made permanent through internal competition. He followed that if the temporary teachers are to be removed then it should be done in terms of work experience.

The teachers had staged sit-in protest in front of 75 District Education Offices for 3 days in last week. From August 3, NERF is going to stage sit-in protest for 3 days before DoE. They also said that they are going to stop all works of DoE for 3 days by prohibiting the staffs to enter the office. NERF will organize interaction program between teachers and school employees regarding their demands before the sit-in protest. Similarly, a group of teachers will try to seek the attention of some political parties regarding their demands. He added that NERF has already talked with Education Minister Chitra Lekha Yadav but she has said to be helpless blaming the bureaucracy for delay in action.

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